black walnuts on tree

How to Make Pickled Walnuts and Walnut Catsup

Although these old recipes don’t specify what type walnuts they used, I’m sure they used black walnuts, which are native to eastern North America. When black walnuts are mature, they fall to the ground. The recipes below use the immature nuts still on the tree in the summertime. ========================================= WALNUT PICKLE The nuts for pickling should be picked as early as the first of July. If a pin will go through them easily, they are in a […]

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basket of mushrooms

Making Mushroom Ketchup

Many recipes from old cookbooks called for mushroom ketchup – especially meat recipes.  I had never heard of mushroom ketchup. Be aware that there are many poisonous mushrooms in the wild, so don’t pick any if you’re not an expert.  Also, old recipes may not be considered safe by today’s cooking standards.   TO MAKE MUSHROOM KETCHUP Recipe is from the 1864 Poetical Cook-Book.  Look out for mushrooms from the beginning of September. Take care of the […]

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