canning tomatoes

Pickle Tomatoes, Make Chutney and Catchup

This is a continuation of the post Ways to Use and Cook Tomatoes.  GLOSSARY: Fortnight – a period of two weeks. Peck – A measurement for dry volume. A peck is two gallons or eight dry quarts. Four pecks make a bushel. Scald – To heat liquid almost to a boil, until bubbles begin to form around the edge. Strew – Scatter or spread untidily over a surface or area. INFORMATION BELOW FROM 1800s COOKBOOKS: PICKLING TOMATOES Scald […]

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Nasturtium Flower Vinegar

Making Savory and Aromatic Vinegars

Reading through old cookbooks, I’ve come across many recipes for making savory and aromatic vinegars. Evidently, vinegar was sold in different grades. “Care should be taken to have the bottles that contain them accurately labelled, very tightly corked, and kept in a dry place. The vinegar used for these purposes should be of the very best sort.” Lower grade vinegar was probably used for pickling.   TARRAGON VINEGAR Tarragon should be gathered on a dry day, […]

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