molasses poured from a spoon

Making Candy With Molasses

Molasses (treacle in the U.K.) is a sweetener made from refining sugar cane or sugar beets. I’ve always loved the taste of molasses.  When I was young, my mother sometimes let me taste a spoonful of it.  It was good just like that, but of course, I like it when baked into cookies, too. GLOSSARY: angelica – a plant of the parsley family syrup spins a thread – syrup will form a brittle liquid thread when dropped into […]

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walnut fudge

Making Fudge by Hand

Fudge is expensive when you buy it in candy stores, but it’s easy to make. The hard part is beating the mixture because it gets so thick.  Electric mixers make the job easy for people today, but years ago, fudge was mixed by hand. Candy thermometers became available to household cooks in the early 1900s, but they were expensive.  Prior to that, people determined the temperature of their candy mixtures by dropping a bit of […]

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bonbon candy

Making Bonbon Candy

When I was a kid, bonbons, made by the Brach’s Candy Company were quite popular. I don’t see bonbons anymore in stores, although I did find a five pound bag from WinCrest Bulk Foods on Amazon. The recipe to make bonbons below is from “CANDY MAKING AT HOME” by Mary M. Wright, 1915. THE FOUNDATION FOR NEARLY ALL BONBONS IS FONDANT Hundreds of varieties of bonbons can be made by using different flavorings and different combinations of one […]

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