peanuts in their shell

Cooking With Peanuts

The PEA-NUT—or MONKEY-NUT—is especially recommended as a cure for indigestion. Almost any kind of nut will cure the habitual indigestion induced by “bolting” the food, if only it be chewed until it is liquid. Pea-nuts contain a good deal of oil, and for this reason are recommended for consumptives. They are the cheapest nuts to buy, for the reason that they are not really nuts but beans. The Spanish peanut contains more oil than the […]

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black walnuts on tree

How to Make Pickled Walnuts and Walnut Catsup

Although these old recipes don’t specify what type walnuts they used, I’m sure they used black walnuts, which are native to eastern North America. When black walnuts are mature, they fall to the ground. The recipes below use the immature nuts still on the tree in the summertime. ========================================= WALNUT PICKLE The nuts for pickling should be picked as early as the first of July. If a pin will go through them easily, they are in a […]

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cracked almonds

Vintage Recipes Using Sweet and Bitter Almonds

Sweet almonds are the kind we eat today in the U.S.  But old cookbooks include bitter almonds in recipes. Bitter almonds can be poisonous if you eat too many. I’m a fan of old British mysteries and when someone is poisoned by cyanide, the detective often notices the smell of bitter almonds. I never really thought that cyanide was actually made from almonds. Selling bitter almonds is prohibited in the United States, although you can buy European-grown bitter […]

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Chestnuts in a bowl

How to Cook Chestnuts

I’ve only seen chestnuts in grocery stores during December.  I’ve eaten them roasted, but the recipes below show many other ways to cook them.   INFORMATION BELOW FROM 1800s COOKBOOKS: Chestnuts should always be roasted or boiled before they are eaten. SHELL AND BLANCH CHESTNUTS – BOIL Boil whole chestnuts rapidly for ten minutes. Leave in the hot water, shell, and remove the brown covering while warm. SHELL AND BLANCH CHESTNUTS – ROAST Score* each […]

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