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How to Select and Cook Crabs

I’ve only eaten crab at restaurants, but I sure love them.  I have bought imitation crab meat to use in salads and it’s often in restaurant buffets, but of course, I’d rather eat the real meat. INFORMATION BELOW FROM 1800s COOKBOOKS: CRABS Crabs are in season during the months of May, June, July, and August. They may be had at other times, but are then light and stringy. Soft-shell crabs are best in July and August. Like […]

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How to Prepare and Cook Oysters

Oysters were plentiful along the U.S. east coast during the 1800s. They were cheap enough for the working class to buy. Over time, though, the demand for oysters depleted many of the beds.  Their scarcity caused prices to rise and oysters became an expensive delicacy. ADVICE AND RECIPES FROM 1800s COOKBOOKS: Oysters must be fresh and fat to be good and are in season from September to May. They are sometimes eaten during the summer […]

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