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Beverages for Luncheon

With so many varieties of drinks available in stores and restaurants, I forget that people in the past had to make all their own drinks, both for family and guests.  I’ve always made ice tea and occasionally hot tea, and I’ve recently begun making homemade kombucha.  The drink recipes below sound delicious. GLOSSARY Charged Water – Soda water Loaf Sugar – Sugar sold in a hard block, which has to be broken and then pounded into […]

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warm drink

Drinks for Invalids and Convalescents

Doctors and nurses were in short supply in the 1800s, so most of the time the ill were treated at home.  If the patient didn’t feel like eating, it was important to offer a variety of nourishing drinks INFORMATION BELOW FROM 1800s COOKBOOKS: The preparation of food for the sick and convalescent person is even more important than the preparation for the strong and well. For invalids, never make a large quantity of one thing, as […]

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egg nog in glass

Making Egg Nogg

Eggnog was originally made of milk or cream, sugar, raw eggs, some type of alcohol, and various spices. However, the 1800s Christmas Eggnog recipe below states that milk or cream defiles that Christmas delight! Today you can buy many types of commercially prepared eggnogs including those that use almond, rice, or coconut milk. FROM 1800s COOKBOOKS:  NOTE: Most of the recipes spelled Egg Nogg with two ‘gs’ at the end. I rather like it. It matches […]

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cup of coffee with beans

How to Roast and Boil Coffee

COFFEE affords very little nourishment, and is apt, if drank strong, to occasion tremors of the nerves. It is very bad for bilious constitutions. The calm, phlegmatic temperament can bear it. With a good supply of cream and sugar, drank in moderation, by those who exercise much and take considerable solid food, it may be used without much danger. Coffee is somewhat like tea in composition. It contains tannic acid, and therefore a tin coffeepot […]

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