Homemade Cottage Cheese

Making Homemade Cottage Cheese from Raw Milk

My mother loves cottage cheese and told me her mother made it when she was a child. She put clabbered milk in a cloth bag and hung it from a clothes line to let all the liquid drain from it. In the past, people usually made cottage cheese from sour or clabber milk. Cottage cheese was also called “smearcase” and clabber milk was also known as “loppered milk.” Soured milk was fresh raw milk that […]

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milk curds

Using Rennet to Make Milk Curds

  The first time I ever heard of curds was in the nursery rhyme “Little Miss Muffet – Eating her curds and whey.”  Curds look similar to cottage cheese, but in the recipes I found in old cookbooks, they used rennet for milk curds, but not for cottage cheese. FROM 1800s COOKBOOKS: TO PREPARE A RENNET A rennet is the stomach of the calf. As soon as the calf is killed, take it, wash it […]

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Myrtle Lawrence churning butter

How Butter Was Made

When I was growing up, our family only used margarine and I continued to use it throughout adulthood until last year.  Now I only buy butter (from grass-fed cows). To make butter, you have to churn (shake up) cream or whole milk. In the past, people used milk churns to separate out the butter. Today you can make butter with electric mixers or food processors. I’ve never made my own butter, but I recently found where I […]

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