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Banana Recipes – Fried, Baked, Fritters, and More..

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Many of the recipes below are from Mrs. Wilson’s Cook Book 1920.

Peel the bananas and then cut into two. Roll in flour, dip in beaten egg, and roll in fine crumbs. Fry until golden brown and serve with broiled steak, chops, or chicken fricassee.

Wash the bananas and remove just one strip from the top. Place in a baking pan and add one-half cup of water and bake in a moderate oven* for one-half hour.

*  moderate oven – a moderate oven is about 350-400 degrees Fahrenheit; you could hold your hand in the oven about 45 seconds without burning.

Place in a mixing bowl one cup of banana pulp, one-quarter cup of sugar, the yolks of two eggs, and one tablespoon of shortening. Beat to mix and then add one and one-half cups of flour, one and one-half teaspoons of baking powder. Beat to mix again and then cut and fold into the mixture the whites of two eggs, beaten stiff. Fry in deep fat until golden brown and then serve with banana sauce.

Take one-half cup of crushed banana, one-half cup of sugar, one teaspoon of vanilla, and the juice of one orange. Beat to mix and then serve with the fritters.

Cook one-fourth cup of rice in one and one-fourth cups of water until the rice is soft and the water absorbed. Place in a baking dish and cover one inch deep with sliced bananas. Place in the oven and bake for ten minutes. Now lay on one poached egg for each service. Garnish with a strip of bacon and serve with parsley sauce.

Pare and rub through a sieve four bananas. Place them in a bowl and add one-half grated onion, one green pepper, chopped fine, three tablespoons of finely chopped parsley, four slices of bacon chopped fine, one and one-quarter cups of bread crumbs, a pinch of thyme, one egg, and one teaspoon of salt. Mix thoroughly and then fill the inside of the chicken and roast in the usual manner.

Pare and then rub through a fine sieve sufficient bananas to measure one cup. Place in a mixing bowl and add one-half cup of sugar, the juice of one lemon, and one-quarter teaspoon of grated rind of lemon. Stir to mix and then add slowly and beating to mix: one cup of milk, the yolk of one egg, one whole egg, and one-quarter teaspoon of nutmeg. Beat to mix and then pour in a pie plate lined with plain pastry. Bake in a slow oven* for twenty-five minutes and then cool. Use the white of egg and one-half glass of jelly for fruit whip.

*  slow oven -a slow oven is about 200-300 degrees fahrenheit; you could hold your hand in the oven about 60 seconds without burning.

Take one and one-half cups of banana pulp, one cup of sugar, and the juice of one lemon. Place in a mixing bowl and then cover and set aside. Now place two and one-half cups of milk, and four tablespoons of cornstarch in a saucepan and stir to dissolve the starch. Bring to a boil and cook for five minutes. Add the yolks of two eggs. Beat to thoroughly mix and add the banana mixture. Beat hard to blend. Now beat into the mixture the stiffly beaten whites of the two eggs. Freeze in the usual manner, using three parts ice to one part salt. This amount will make three pints of ice-cream.

Place in a mixing bowl two cups of flour, one-half teaspoon of salt, two teaspoons of baking powder, one tablespoon of sugar, and sift to thoroughly mix. Now rub into the prepared flour eight tablespoons of shortening and then mix to a dough with one-half cup of ice-cold water. Roll the pastry on a slightly floured pastry board one-fourth inch thick; cut in oblongs three inches wide and six inches long. Peel the banana and lay on the pastry.

Sprinkle with one teaspoon of brown sugar, a pinch of nutmeg, a pinch of cinnamon, and one-half teaspoon of butter. Brush the edges of the pastry with cold water and press firmly together, enclosing the banana. Lay on a well-greased and floured baking sheet, placing the side which was fastened together down. Brush with beaten egg and bake in a moderate oven for eighteen minutes. Serve just as you would other pastries.

Place in a mixing bowl one cup of crushed bananas, one cup of milk, one and one-half cups of flour, two tablespoons of syrup, two tablespoons of shortening, one egg, and two teaspoons of baking powder. Beat to mix and then bake in the usual manner on a well-greased smoking hot frying pan.

Peel and scrape four bananas and force through a sieve. Add four tablespoons grape juice or jelly, four tablespoons powdered sugar, and the stiffly beaten whites of two eggs. Pile lightly in individual glass dishes, garnish with bits of jelly, and serve at once. All materials should be very cold.

Soak one-half box gelatine in one-half cup grape juice for five minutes, then dissolve in two and one-half cups boiling water. Add one-fourth cup strained lemon juice and three-fourth cup sugar. When jelly begins to stiffen, beat with an egg beater and add two large bananas pressed through a sieve.

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Many of the recipes above are from Mrs. Wilson’s Cook Book 1920.

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  1. Havana Banana Pastry! Yum! I think I got too many carbs just reading these yummy recipes.

    • I don’t think people had to worry about carbs back then. There were very few processed foods, people didn’t snack much, and most people were active.

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